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Mid late May work



lDOS boot


wwwecm scripts

Avoid hg clean command for MS-DOS v4 fork builds. This avoids rebuilding everything, and works around a problem in which the files were wrongly created.

MS-DOS v4 fork

There were several more changesets to try to address the build failures due to hg clean and the files being created wrongly. These were reverted however, as the work around in the wwwecm scripts addresses these problems.


Enhanced DR-DOS

I also talked about this on the SvarDOS EDR-DOS tracker. I did note there that the int 13h function 48h call in disk.asm is never called as a contribution disabled it for diskettes, but this call is only ever reached for diskettes.

Single-file load and SYS

More discussion of the single-file load took place on the SvarDOS EDR-DOS tracker. FreeDOS SYS is being extended to allow installing lDOS (/OEM:LEDR), lDOS edrpack.sys (/OEM:LEDRPACK), lDOS (/OEM:LMS), or lDOS lmspack.sys (/OEM:LMSPACK). The patch for this is still in flight.

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