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HP 95LX write protect error

Yesterday I was greeted with a "write protect error" on drive A: of the HP 95LX, the SRAM card.

I rebooted the device. Didn't help. Removed the card for several minutes and re-inserted it. Didn't help. I was just about to try formatting it when I had an idea. Could it be… that the Write Protect slider had somehow switched positions?

Yes. It had. Somehow. While I was in the café it somehow had switched positions. I know, because I initially saved the empty new file as blog38.txt which I always do to make sure I'm writing to the right file. This did work. After I was done writing yesterday's blog post, I tried to save it and got the error. Fortunately I could save it to the internal RAM disk (drive C:).

Next time I'll know to check the Write Protect slider earlier!

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