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Mid May work: lDebug DI IN, 2023 May TSR updates, unix2dos, AMIS review upcoming


In mid May, I worked some on the debugger and picked and adapted several changes to all the TSRs, and increased the TSRs' private versions to 1.20. All documentation text files (.txt) in were adjusted to use CR LF line endings (unix2dos).

lDebug: Allow DI,IN

The DI IN command now allows a comma to separate the IN keyword from the preceding command. The need for this came up during tests of shufhook and keephook, to enter the DI command with an IN keyword quickly in a /C= switch without quote marks.

TSR changes

All the TSRs were updated. This includes keephook, seekext, lClock, RxANSI, FDAPM's IDLEDPMS, and the TSR example. The shufhook program is not a TSR but some of the updates were picked for it as well.

The updates include:

  • Optimised debugger check and resident instance check in a single findinstalled loop.
  • Optimised harder case in UnhookInterruptSim to spend fewer instructions per multiplexer list check
  • Changed parameters table to include a function pointer to dispatch the various switches rather than checking for special cases in if ladders
  • Jettison features using the new /J… switch
  • Improve handling of unsupported functions like interrupt 21h function 52h or function 48h or function 4Ch
  • Check for valid interrupt 2Dh and 2Fh handlers before calling them
  • Increase private version number to 1.20 (RxANSI drops the "beta" string)

I wanted to get these changes done before finishing the AMIS implementations review, as particularly the detection of the debugger and resident instance are part of that review.

The TSR example also got some documentation, which for now only documents the program switches common to all TSRs. Particularly the new /J… switches are not documented anywhere else yet. This file is linked from the website now as well.

The AMIS review

I want to get the AMIS review out some time soon, certainly before July. It evaluates some characteristics like what IISP headers are accepted, what order multiplex numbers are scanned, and how the programs deviate from the specification. I still have to add Logger by Jerome Shidel to the review, which I helped shape in a few ways.

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