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Early September work - MSDebug, toclip, lDebug


The first thing of note is that the HP 95LX had been refusing to repeat keypresses when a key was held pressed down. This had been true for at least a week. The setup does not appear to have a setting for this. Rebooting with Ctrl-Alt-Del, then restarting the system software with a $sysmgr command, actually seems to have fixed this.

After the release 6, some work on lDebug happened this week. One change was made simultaneously in lDebug and MSDebug. On the suggestion of stsp, I worked a bit on toclip, a tool for accessing the WinOldAp clipboard. I didn't get to test this yet, however, because dosemu2 for now only supports the clipboard when running in an SDL window. (On the server, I can only run dosemu2 in -dumb or -t mode.)

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2023-09-11 20:07:25 +0200 Sep Mon · ecm · 0 Comments

August / September work


Some work on EDR-DOS and lDebug happened. A manual for TESTHOOK has been added. Additionally, some experience using lDebug was gained.

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2023-09-03 20:14:53 +0200 Sep Sun · ecm · 0 Comments

New HP 95LX lCDebug startup script

Copying the most recent revision of lCDebugU to the 95LX I also added a startup script, named A:\lcdebug.sld, with the contents:

@install getinput
@y 95lx.sld

As usual, loading it can be avoided with an /IN switch.

2023-08-29 19:16:08 +0200 Aug Tue · ecm · 0 Comments

Late August work


This week some development happened. I also finished an audit of all lDebug changes in recent months and did a pass over the entire lDebug manual to update the worst outdated parts. Finally, I prepared the lDebug release 6 yesterday.

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2023-08-28 21:25:47 +0200 Aug Mon · ecm · 2 Comments

Blog spam comments deleted

Dozens upon dozens of spam comments have accumulated since the creation of this blog in 2022, until I changed it to require registration for submitting comments (on Thursday).

I finally went and deleted all of them, plus the occasional test comments by me. They're preserved in the dokuwiki backup repo, however.

Most posts did not have any comments. About half a dozen posts had a lot of spam comments, likely in the hundreds. I never figured out why the spam would flock to these particular posts.

Another mystery is that most spam comments were submitted in pairs, on the same post, at very nearly the same time, and with minor text differences.

All the spam comments deleted now were already hidden, seeing as I had initially set up dokuwiki to screen every comment. As in, comments are hidden by default and administration can show them if desired. Probably the only user-visible change is that the spam comments were counted towards the amount of comments display on the blog landing page.

2023-08-27 21:42:05 +0200 Aug Sun · ecm · 0 Comments

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