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mov fast and mak things

‘Move fast and break things’ is a development mantra popularised by Facebook and picked up with enthusiasm by software development teams both small and large. The idea is that if you aren’t breaking things you’re delivering value too slowly.

Why 'Move Fast and Break Things' Doesn’t Work, capacitas Insights (also in the Internet Archive)

mov is of course an 8086 instruction, and mak is a script name for build scripts that I tend to use, most intricately to build lDebug.

2022-05-09 12:01:33 +0200 May Mon · ecm · 0 Comments

Embarrassing lDebug bug in ensuredebuggeeloaded

While modifying lDebug's ensuredebuggeeloaded, which is responsible for creating an empty process as a debuggee, I erred severely early in the morning of last Wednesday.

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2022-05-06 16:36:39 +0200 May Fri · ecm · 1 Comment

hg rebase --config rebase.norebasesource=1

Today a patch I sent to mercurial-devel was allowlisted. It is reproduced here for reference.

rebase: add boolean config item rebase.norebasesource

This allows to use rebase without recording a rebase_source extra field. This is useful for example to build a mirror converted from another SCM (such as svn) by converting only new revisions, and then incrementally add them to the destination by pulling from the newly converted (unrelated) repo and rebasing the new revisions onto the last old already stored changeset. Without this patch the rebased changesets would always receive some rebase_source that would depend on the particular history of the conversion process, instead of only depending on the original source revisions.

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2022-04-27 16:59:54 +0200 Apr Wed · ecm · 0 Comments

lDebugX compatibility tweaks, dosemu2 native DPMI bugfix

After some discussion on lDebugX running a DPMI client in dosemu2 on a hosteurope virtual server, several changes were made to both lDebugX and dosemu2. dosemu2 got a genuine bugfix out of this. Or two. Or three.

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2022-04-24 14:35:32 +0200 Apr Sun · ecm · 0 Comments

lDebug expression evaluator learns to use types (poorly)

One week ago I finally had to confront a long-standing defect in lDebug's expression evaluator: It didn't support types. I found out because all numbers that were "negative" in two's complement (ie values that are >= 8000_0000h unsigned) were accepted for narrower callers, that is, getword or getbyte. These functions are called for things such as offsets, E/S/F command strings, and permanent breakpoint counters.

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2022-04-24 14:12:06 +0200 Apr Sun · ecm · 0 Comments

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